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Q: Can I buy jewellery from Osjag?

A: If you have a business that sells jewellery, we welcome your enquiries.


Q: Can you recommend a good stockist?

A: All stockists listed on our stockist pages will be able to assist you. Feel free to contact us for further information from our "Contact" page or give us a call.


Q: Where are your products manufactured?

A: Breuning have their own manufacturing facilities in Pforzheim, Germany and Bangkok. All jewellery is designed and prototyped in Germany. bastian inverun contract various manufacturers from all over the world. All jewellery is designed in Germany and the manufacturers have strict quality standards to meet. JC Hurst & Son manufacture entirely in Auckland, NZ


Q: Do you use synthetic gems?

A: bastian inverun have a policy of using only semi-precious natural gems. Breuning and JC Hurst & Son use natural precious and semi-precious gems in the great majority of designs. They very occasionally use synthetics (mostly cubic zirconia). We do not use crystal or any other type of glass. 


Q: Will the stockist I contact have the item I want in stock?

A: As you can see from our "Collections" pages, we offer a very wide variety of designs. There is a possibility that the item you want is not in stock but it can be ordered for you.


Q: Can I order a ring in a particular size? 

A: Yes, all our ring designs are orderable in your size. For current designs, we carry a selection of popular ring sizes in stock in the Breuning "Pure Fashion" silver collection.


Q: Can bangles be ordered in different sizes?

A: Yes and no. For Breuning and bastian inverun, many of our bangles are hinged which makes them fit most wrists. If your bangle is still too large or small, your jeweller may be able to adjust it. JC Hurst & Son will make hinged and golf bangles according to your size.





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