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We source and supply retail jewellery stores in Australia and New Zealand with Breuning, bastian inverun, JC Hurst and Chrisha Jewellery.  The story of each brand is below.
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For centuries the town of Pforzheim, located just on the northern fringe of the Black Forest, has been known as the home of gold and jewellery in Germany. 


Over the span of three generations, one company has become a leading manufacturer of fine jewellery in Pforzheim. That company is Breuning.

At bastian inverun we produce two seasonal collections per year. 


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Tomorrow's Antiques Today

Fabulous old world charm that never goes out of fashion.



It's old school all the way at JC Hurst & Son. These pictures were taken during our recent visit to the factory in Auckland, NZ. You could be forgiven for thinking you are walking back into a 19th century workshop. That's not entirely fictional because JCH has it's roots in Birmingham, England and the manufacturing techniques are mostly unchanged since the 1800's. Can you see the bangle on the wooden engraving ball? It's ready for engraving and gem setting - all by hand.

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