Breuning Silver Design Jewellery

Breuning is proud to present it’s latest shining example of German craftsmanship. The Breuning Silver Design Collection offers a unique array of designs that incorporate the distinctive Breuning brand into each design, providing a meaningful and fashionable way to identity yourself with this gorgeous jewellery.

This collection features bold and contemporary lines that are finished in rhodium plating – the same finish used on white gold. Some of the designs feature rose and yellow gold plating and many of the 2012 releases are set with white sapphires – all guaranteed to attract the eye and turn heads. Wear it and make make a statement in true class and style.

For centuries the town of Pforzheim, located just on the northern fringe of the Black Forest, has been known as the home of gold and silver jewellery in Germany. Over the span of three generations, Breuning has become the leading manufacturer of fine jewellery in this historic township.

As you would imagine from Germany, Breuning prides itself on manufacturing to the highest quality standard using the best available technology and craftsmanship. This, combined with a team of creative designers and model makers ensures that you will always see the finest jewellery every time Breuning is presented to you.

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Stop Press: See the latest Silver Design collection from February 2013, featuring diamonds, white sapphires, pearls and coloured gems below: